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Product value is original from industrial design

Source:Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Product value is original from industrial design

——Interview of cheif industrial designer Hongyu Liang from HSG laser

Dec 2016, the 8th G-cup (Governor cup industrial design competition) end up successfully. G-cup industrial design competition is the first match that title under governor's  name in China,there is no doubt for it's importance and influence.

8th G-cup

Our industrial design team was invited to attend this competition,and it is honored that we get multiple awards from product group and industry group.The entry areand HSG laser-Design driven equipment manufacturing.

Invited chief industrial designer from HSG laser - HONG YU LIANG as below interview

Q: Firstly,congratulations for your good performance from G-cup,can you share your feeling now?

A: Thanks a lot for the support from our company and family, also this is our team effort.Designer is playing a role who work in the company team to show his ability and achieve our own value."No fate of hero, only the fate of team".

Hong Yu Liang is Awarded prizes

Q: What is your purpose of the design HSG laser-Design driven equipment manufacturing?

A: Now HSG laser is in the fast development period, now the most important is how to reform ourselves in short time. But industrial design is not the resistance, but combustion improver, in order to pass on the good design idea and positive energy of our products. So we combine all our experience and make one complete Scheme and theory for“HSG laser” to show the Highly consistent between demonstrate the design value and business operation.

Q: In your award works proposed design participation, seamless docking production and operation of the design collaboration requirements, can you specifically explain? What are the benefits of one enterprise for product design?

AIndustrial design is not only the structure of the program and then later landscaping, but from the outset into the product design concepts and practical solutions. And compared to peers, we not only think about the theoretical books and simple drawings, but also going the real site visits and give the actual structure of the description and program, close to customer needs, think more than our customers in order to get customers The trust and recognition of our brands and products. In fact, the industrial design is the guiding role for customers'choice.

Q: What is the trouble during your design process, how did you overcome it?

A: The design process needs to keep the balance for the design concept and commercialization, it is necessary to consider the economic benefits, but also consider the art. My design concept is have 90% utilization of the product's. But takes into account many factors. First of all ,In order to the better develop and achieve product performance, it has to satisfied with each functional department of R & D engineers.

Before one product finished,implementation of engineers, industrial design first, pave the way of ergonomics, industrial aesthetics, interactive experience. We feel that during the design of products, the attitude of the designer should be positive, we are always thinking about how to upgrade one  product, which will involve mechanical, electrical, software applications and many other areas, designers should be interdisciplinary Communication, the designer is not alone, we need to communicate 

more actively with the other people  and listen to consumer's demand.

Further, the mission of industrial design in enterprises is to solve internal and external needs, and then do some optimization form his basis, finally to be innovative, create more new ways. Always keep continually to find the balance between economy and art, that is the main fun and challenges of engineers.

Q:What do you think of the relationship between design and industry?

A: We should start from the business promotion for design,HSG Laser has been committed to creating value for customers, first of all, We create value to each of our customer through our own product design and customization production line solutions designed, customers Use our equipment to make stable and excellent production, so as to further promote customers and downstream customers and suppliers of cooperation and processing and sales.This is a win-win situation, sustained and healthy development of the value chain.

Q:What is the most important factor during the design into industrial for you?

A:Recent 2 years,Design products of HSG laser care more Appropriateness and experience.

Q: Why is Appropriateness?

A: Compare other industrial like car and real estate, the industrial design of domestic machinery industry is not long, there are many equipment manufacturer do not notice that the importance of industrial design in their start stage, they think one good equipment is only practical, even some customers are thinking the same. So compare to the industrial design of oversea, we still have a big gap,the overall task of upgrading is a long way to go.

And very fortunate that the rapid development of HSG Laser in recent years also let us keep innovation and catch up in all aspects, including the company's product design and design thinking innovation, under the power of industrial design, our company catch this timely stage, struggling to catch up and surpassSo we keep improving the identity of HSG laser brand through industrial design. Make the source into the design, let products more "HSG"feature,also continue to modify and optimize the product details, such as adding LED lights, handles, open the door way and other parts to be the standardization Design. Because we believe that we need to make each line on the product to give meaning, for example,how to use these lines? To feel more comfortable, or to make the button working better, all these need to consider.

Q: As the chief industrial designer of HSG laser,how you can keep update for shaping and maintaining the brand design thinking and direction in the future?

A: I agreed with the futuristic industrial designer Marc Newson: "I hope my design works whether in the distant past, or in the landscape of the wall frame or in the future space capsule, they Will not appear outdated and unexpected. 

Product circulation will not exist for a long time especially in the contemporary, but we can try to lengthen the time-line, let the aesthetic and the use cycle to be eternal, rather than rapid decline after the epidemic.
For me, the design is a spiritual heritage and extension. Just like now our HSG brand has been got one good industry reputation, and I hope that in the future,our design ideas and souls of product will stary it's brand and keep spread and extension development.

Now, the development of human society has entered the modern industrial society, industrial design bring the material achievements and its impact on human existence and lifestyle is unmatched by any time in the past.

As Mark Newson Sen said: As a designer, my job is to look into the future.