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Beginner's Mind in Heart and Keep Moving

Source:Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

We had been working hard with passion in year 2016, HSG  keep dedicating to providing laser intelligent equipment because of social mission but not only for profit. In the coming year 2017, HSG will keep moving under the mission of  age and laser industry.

Best wishes and happiness for the year of the Rooster. Beyond(HSG) laser had the annual party in Ramada Hotel (Shunde, Foshan). Nearly 400 staff enjoyed the party. They reviewed the past and looked into the bright future of HSG.

“beginner's mind in heart and keep moving” -- Beyond(HSG)  laser’s annual party of year 2016

Guests from Czech Republic join in the party

The party began from the speech of HSG general manager--Mr. Chang. He appreciated all the efforts made by HSG guys in year 2016. HSG received fiber laser orders more than 1200 sets and more than 1000 sets were sent to customers and working steadily all over the world. This amazing data made HSG achieved the no.1 selling in China.

Mr. Chang pointed out that HSG will develop to the technology-driven enterprise by create the positive, healthy and sustainable business system . Both technical innovation and technology-driven are important during the upgrade processing. In order to achieve it, HSG will refined management, good control of marketing and price, continue R & D investment.

The staff with sense of mission and sense of responsibility, sense of honor are the most value asset for the enterprise, they will build up a harmonious business relationship in internal system.

General manager’s Speech

wonderful performances

HSG staff are good performers in the party. Guys from workshops, office, and different branches came from different provinces in China. They gave up the private time after busy working for preparing the shows. They presented the best shows with dancing, singing and short sketch. They not only have good cooperation during the work but also the shows.

Low Power laser Business Division-- Dance

Merchandiser department -- Dance

East China branch -- short sketch

After-sales department -- Jazz

R & D department -- fashion show

Foreign trade department--Spanish Dance 

Fiber warehouse -- short sketch

Operation,Administration & Financial Dept -- Dance

Fiber department --Chinese Kung Fu

After-sales department -- Song

Network marketing and telemarketing -- short sketch

Eastern Guang Dong Branch -- Song


Thanks to all staff had great effort in year 2016. HSG set up awards to the staff with outstanding performance. Awards include Champion sales in domestic market and foreign market ; Best new sales award, Best newcomer award, Improvement award, Outstanding staff, Elite award, Excellent management award, Technical award, Management commitment award, Technical commitment award, Best team act.

Champion sales in domestic market and foreign market :2 Best new sales :2

Best newcomer: 22

 Excellent staff :22  Improvement award:1

Elite award: 19

Excellent management award:7  Technical award:4  Excellent designers:2

Management commitment award:2   Technical commitment award:1

Best team:Low Power laser Business Division


HSG prepared many value gifts for the lottery. HuaWei matebook, Iphone 7 HuaWei Mate 9 cellphone, P9 cell phone, and electrombile, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric cooker etc. The enthusiasm of the audience was heightened by the lottery.

The Seventh Award -- induction cooker , electric cooker: total 18 people

The Sixth Award -- microwave oven: total 15 people

The fifth prize -- refrigerator, washing machine : total 12 people

The forth prize -- electrombile : total 8 people

The third prize -- HuaWei cellphone P9: total 4 people

The second prize -- HuaWei cellphone mate 9 : total 3 people

The first prize -- Iphone 7 cellphone

Special award : HuaWei matebook computer

Stay true to the original mind and not forgetting about it even it's hard

The year 2016 was harvest season for HSG who is developed rapidly, together with challenges and difficulties during the development. But HSG overcame the difficulties and keep moving in the field of laser intelligent equipment manufacturing with hard working and technical innovation. HSG created value for customer, then achieve the value of our life.

Photos with customer from Czech Public

Believe on ourselves and keep moving

We will face more challenges and difficulties in the unknown year 2017. But we will keep the faith and go on with the mission : intelligently made in China, love by the world.

 backroom team — Marketing Department