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The purpose of CO2 laser cutting machines

Source:Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

  Now, there are metal laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machines, CNC laser cutting machines, CO2 laser cutting machines in the market. Today let's discuss the purpose of CO2 laser cutting machines.

  Current CO2 laser cutting machine divite into large power and small power, big power for sheet metal, small power for cloth, acrylic other nonmetal. In addition to 
these materials, also can apply to the arts and crafts, bamboo and wood products, advertisement decoration, building model, etc. Can carve all kinds of text, graphics 
in bamboo, wood, organic glass, decorative materials, plastic, cloth, leather, paper and other non-metallic materials. Graphics rendering realistic and beautiful, has a very high appreciation value, more can increase the added value of products.