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Metal laser cutting machine for cutting metal materials with film

Source:Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

  In order to ensure that the metal surface roughness, a lot of metal surface will be coated products, this is what we used to say with membrane metal materials. Such as we have common coated metal doors and Windows, kitchen utensils and appliances, etc. So, metal laser cutting function cannot cut the metal products with film?

  Actually, metal laser cutting machine processing of coated metal materials is not easy, here we explain how the metal laser cutting machine for cutting the coated metal materials; According to our normal way of thinking of cutting, in order to ensure no damage to coated, usually cutting coated side of the first, not coated side down, and down side had better install pneumatic device, to prevent the machine tool support cut sheet. When cutting power is adjusted for 300 w, and then to make a first burn membrane, the path of the protective film to burning, finally cutting.

  Why do you want to cut coated side first? This for a reason. If the coated side down, because of the influence of heat, metal laser cutting machine for cutting the spatter residue will adhere to in the membrane, cause the coated side will be very coarse, and it is hard to get rid of the residue, so that the hsg laser suggest customers cutting coated surface first.

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