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Metal laser cutting machine cutting double-sided coated sheet

Source:Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

  We are on the market with more plate has three categories, including no coated board, single-sided coated plate and double coated sheet. For such coated materials, we have introduced before metal laser cutting machine processing method of single surface coated plate, we detailed introduce below metal laser cutting machine for cutting double coated plate method.

  The analysis of the causes of double coated material cutting hard:

  For metal laser cutting head can only be down from the top of the sheet metal cutting, sheet metal above the protective film in the process of cutting is does not have any effect, but due to the sheet below skins, so in the cutting process of cutting residues cannot fall, these particles will directly affect the cutting effect of sheet metal, the sheet metal can't cut through or after cutting a big burr. But if the tear up all the protective film below sheet and sheet below will appear scratches.
  Metal laser cutting machine solution, rounding:
  What method does not tear up under the sheet metal membrane all, and can make the protective film does not affect the cutting? The answer is in the cutting position of the laser cutting. Sheet metal base of the protective film is not influence the cutting quality, cutting quality of the bottom of the protective film cutting position only. So just remove the sheet metal cutting position bottom protective film. So double cutting the main idea is: the function of using laser etching, finds out the actual cutting position on the sheet first, and then peel off the cutting position of the protective film, sheet metal parts in the turning, make the protective film tear cutting position of the face down, the last is the use of laser cutting machine for cutting. In order to realize the cutting mode requires the following steps.
1.Map out a match and actual cutting figure of auxiliary cutting figure. Particular way is cut the actual figure in the mirror, can get directly to the auxiliary cutting figure.
2.Measure to the location of the tear film and maximum offset. In theory, using the auxiliary cutting figure carved on the top of the sheet metal by laser etching, cutting position to erode the protective film, cutting can be directly in the sheet over. But in the actual cutting process, because of the influence of the laser positioning error and sheet shape error, the positive and negative plate cutting position, it is impossible to coincide. So when positive etching to measure accurately the offset, and tear up can offset of protective film.
3.Drawing a cutting drawing and auxiliary cutting. Cutting drawings directly according to the shape of the workpiece drawing is ok, auxiliary cutting drawings, mirror the actual cutting drawings first, and then offset by setting error value.
4.To laser cutting graph layout. Here we need to first auxiliary cutting drawings for typesetting. Second, cut the auxiliary graph layout diagram of the mirror and etching line, only keep the actual cutting figure.
5.For laser cutting. First of all be method, etching, and the location of the protective film tear laser incision. Peel off the protective film, to turn the plate, then the workpiece cutting.
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