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Optical fiber laser cutting machine configuration

Source:Foshan Beyond Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

  Nowadays in the high-end metal processing market, optical fiber laser cutting machine has become the mainstream of processing methods. In general, the stand or fall of optical fiber laser cutting machine performance, decide the quality of the processed products. However, the performance is associated with its configuration is has a lot to do, let's to give us the relevant configuration of optical fiber laser cutting machine.

  Machining principle of optical fiber laser cutting machine; It converts electrical energy into light energy, release the remarkable feats of laser beam, with a lot of energy by laser beam on surface of sheet metal, make its exposure surface quickly reaching high temperature, radiation surface melting and evaporation of components, through the displacement of the cutting head to achieve the goal of cutting and engraving.
  Through the introduction of the principle, we can draw some relevant configuration;
  Laser: Laser is a photoelectric conversion device, is a complex core accessories. Usually used for cutting processing metal materials of fiber laser cutting machine, laser power also should reach at least 300 W above, if is cutting thicker metal material, so the choice of the laser that thousand W level, should also be general imported laser are continuous fiber laser, used for cutting effect is very good.
Software system: software system is provided by the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, and some large companies have specialized technical department to develop updates the CUT software, its advantage is self-evident, better compatibility with hardware aspect, the perfect match together, to maximize the complete.
  Optical instruments, optical equipment wavelength, refraction, whole, half mirror, mirror, mirror and xenon lamp, etc., its product quality affects the transmission quality of the light beam, indirect influence the cutting performance.
  In addition, optical fiber laser cutting machine auxiliary equipment is indispensable, such as air compressor, person machine and cooling machine, etc. These are all affect the cutting performance, therefore, suggest that in choosing a good fiber laser cutting machine, first of all, familiar with the related configuration is very important thing.
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